Why Attend ?

If you are looking for new partners to help source, package, label or distribute your products, the place to be in 2020 is the Private Label Cannabis Expo. This event, which will bring together some of the biggest names within the North American cannabis industry, includes both a business conference component and a trade show exhibition floor where you can interact with vendors.

The Private Label Cannabis Expo is the only show of its kind in North America, and the premier venue to learn more about the rapidly growing market for private label and white label cannabis products. If you are a store or dispensary looking to introduce new products, or a retail location looking for help with packaging, branding and marketing your existing products, you can take advantage of the unique networking opportunities over the course of this unique event.

Find new partners in the cannabis industry

The primary reason to attend the Private Label Cannabis Expo is to meet new partners within the cannabis industry. Wherever you are on the cannabis supply chain, you can find the right partner to grow your business. If you are a manufacturer, for example, you can find distributors and wholesalers to help bring your products to a wider market. If you are a distributor, you can find retail locations and dispensaries where these products can be sold to consumers.

And, of course, if you operate a dispensary or retail storefront, you can find new partners to help with every aspect of bringing a new product to market. For example, many dispensaries and stores need co-packing partners who can help to transform generic products into attention-getting products with highly attractive, creatively designed packaging. They might also need legal help in navigating the complex laws and regulations of each state.

The place to meet these partners is on the exhibition floor, where vendors and show participants will be able to talk with you, one-on-one, about the best way to grow your business. If you need legal assistance with getting the right licenses, for example, you will be able to find law firms that can help. And if you need help distributing your products, you can also find distributors with proven market expertise.

The Private Label Cannabis Expo will gather together the leading companies that can deliver the oils, terpenes or other raw materials needed to create new branded products. Think of the event as a one-stop destination for all of your sourcing needs. The types of products you can offer are limited only by your imagination.

Network with industry leaders and top professionals

The excitement surrounding the Private Label Cannabis Expo is from all the interactions that you will have with other participants. During the event, you will have an opportunity to meet new business leaders from across the industry, and hear about new trends transforming the market. There are plenty of networking opportunities, and plenty of time to meet up with old colleagues and meet new ones. From the palpable buzz on the trade show floor, to the frequent networking breaks throughout the day, there are plenty of ways to walk away from the event with new relationships, not just a stack of business cards.

Get practical solutions to business problems you face

In addition to the exhibition trade floor, there will also be a business conference, where some of the leading names within the industry will share their experiences, insights and advice for navigating the highly regulated cannabis industry. Speakers include product marketing experts, legal experts and top executives at producers, manufacturers, and distributors.

If you are currently facing obstacles or difficulties in your own business, now is the chance to find actionable, practical advice that you can put to work immediately. Since the cannabis industry is so young, many market leaders initially had to pass through a period of trial-and-error to find what worked. And now you can use these learnings and insights to rapidly speed up the time to market of new products, as well as avoid some of the obstacles that tend to slow down other companies.

You will have a chance to interact with experts within the cannabis industry as part of thought-provoking Q&A sessions and workshops. By the end of the event, you will have the knowledge, connections and insights to grow your business within one of the fastest growing industries in the world. According to experts, the cannabis market is set to grow from a $6.7 billion market opportunity in 2016 to a $22.6 billion market opportunity in 2021. That’s a staggering compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 27%. Moreover, experts now predict that this 20% growth rate will continue beyond 2021.

Become part of the private label trend and grow your business

Now is the time to become part of the overall buzz and momentum around private label cannabis products. The same revolutionary trend that has completely transformed supermarkets, retailers and discounters is now making its presence felt in the cannabis industry. To give you an idea of the size of the private label market in general, consider that private label brands already account for nearly 20% of all sales at supermarkets.

These private label products are a win-win for both consumers and stores. Consumers, of course, love the value and cost savings that traditionally accompanies the introduction of any new private label range (especially if those products directly compete head-to-head with national brands). And, in turn, stores love the huge margins and profit potential that accompany these store brands. According to one study, it’s possible to record margins of as much as 70%, just by pricing store brands comparable with national brands.

Moreover, private label products are leading to an explosion of product assortment and diversity, something that is helping to raise up just about every sector. Consider, for example, that a national supermarket chain like Albertson’s is now adding 1,000+ private label items per year! The company’s leading organics brand, O Organics, is now a billion-dollar business!

You can put that same momentum to work for you as part of the private label cannabis market. If you are looking for ways to add new products to your inventory, and if you are looking for ways to turbo-charge the sale of items already on your shelves, you can find a potential partner at the Private Label Cannabis Expo.

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