July 2020, San Francisco, CA

Private and White Label
Cannabis Show.

Meet Distributors, Retailers, and Companies Looking To Develop Private Label Cannabis Products.

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Build Your Own Cannabis Brand.

If you’re looking to launch your private label into the Recreational or Medical cannabis market, PLCE is where you need to be.

Private Label Cannabis Expo (PLCE) will gather leading processors who can deliver consistent oil, terpenes or varying ingredients for your brand. You will find your co-packing partners here who will give a creative edge to your product formulation in terms of appearance.

If you are a dispensary, grocer or a distributor, PLCE is the only show in the world dedicated to the business of private label cannabis where you will find suppliers who can provide custom child-proof packaging solutions and offer you custom branded products which will help you grow your bottom line.

Who are the Visitors?

Retailers, Distributors, Dispensaries and Other companies looking to create own cannabis brand.

Show Times

Conference Starts: 9 am
Expo Floor Opens: 11 am

Staying one step ahead of the competition is vital, especially in an industry that is as dynamic and fast moving as the cannabis industry. During the business conference part of the event, you will learn the tools, approaches, methodologies and strategies that will jump-start your white label product sales. Presentations and seminars will cover everything from product creation to product marketing.

Along the way, you will learn about new consumer trends that have the potential to disrupt the market. One big trend, for example, is the rapid growth of the cannabis-infused beverage market. By attending the PLCE, you will learn more about “how” and “why” this trend has taken off, as well as how you can connect with the right manufacturers and distributors to offer your own cannabis-infused beverages. In short, you will be positioned at the very leading edge of the market.

In addition, a special focus of the event will be making sense of the state-by-state rules and regulations that currently determine the future growth trajectory of the cannabis industry. Legal experts with deep domain expertise will be on hand to answer legal questions, and you’ll meet the types of business partners that already have the right licenses to buy and sell cannabis products.

San Francisco in July 2020 will be first time the cannabis industry brings together the cannabis producers who can offer private label programs.

If you are looking to launch a new private label cannabis product into the recreational or medical cannabis market, then the upcoming Private Label Cannabis Expo (PLCE) is the must-attend event of 2020. The event, which consists of both a business conference and a trade show floor for exhibitors, is shaping up to be the biggest gathering of private label cannabis buyers and sellers in the North American market. As such, it offers the perfect platform for growth.

Meet partners, suppliers and vendors

The primary reason to attend the Private Label Cannabis Expo is the chance to meet new high-quality partners with expertise in growing, manufacturing, packaging, distribution, packaging and branding. A trade show floor enables you to interact with these partners directly, find out what types of services they offer, and see how they can help you to bring new products to market faster than you ever thought possible.

The list of exhibitors at the PLCE includes producers, manufacturers, distributors, branding experts, law firms and packaging experts. If you are missing expertise in one of these key areas, this is your chance to connect and establish new relationships. Throughout the event, there are plenty of networking opportunities to meet one-on-one and discuss and how to bring a new product to market.

The PLCE is the only show in North America completely dedicated to the business of private label cannabis. This is a unique opportunity to get in on the ground floor of one of the fastest-growing industries in the world. By some estimates, the cannabis industry is growing at a 20% compound annual growth rate (CAGR). And now, with the legalization of recreational marijuana in California and Canada, we could be at the tipping point of another vast wave of growth in the industry!

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Join the Companies that are coming

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